d3 Kinesiology Sports Tape - 50mm x 6m - Red

  • d3 Kinesiology Sports Tape - 50mm x 6m - Red
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Brand: d3
Product Code: KRED | MPN: kinred

d3 Kinesiology smart sports tape features an elastic cotton strip and an acrylic adhesive that makes it great for managing pain and treating a variety of injuries.

Your pain receptors are activated when compression of the skin and muscle occurs due to inflamed, swollen or stiff muscle, reducing lymphatic fluid and blood flow. It all sounds pretty complicated, but in short it leads to soreness you just don’t want!

The sports tape enhances lymphatic fluid and blood flow while minimising pressure and friction on the injured tissues by lifting the skin.

Sorry to say it but you’re not at your best when you’re in pain, but no worries because the sports tape is the perfect way to get you back on your feet.

- You get a 50 mm x 6 m roll for assisting and supporting injury recovery
- K tape elasticity + 1:2
- Minimises muscle fatigue, supports active movement and promotes healthy muscle contraction

Kinesiology sports tape is perfect for managing:
- Achilles tendonitis
- Plantar fasciitis
- Jumpers knee (PFS)
- ACL/MCL issues
- Rotator cuff
- Groin and hamstring pulls
- Lower back issues
- Shin splints
- Tennis and golf elbow
- Postural correction

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d3 Kinesiology Sports Tape - 50mm x 6m - Red
d3 Kinesiology Sports Tape - 50mm x 6m - Red