How To Get Better At Running: Consistency Tips

by Sportitude
13 Nov 2023

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned marathoner, there’s a unique beat to running that’s more than just footfalls. It’s a blend of mental toughness, gear selection and a fiery passion that resonates with every runner. Join us on this journey to learn how to get better at running, boost your consistency and navigate the mental landscape. 

The synergy of consistency and attitude

Consistency and attitude might seem unrelated but together, they define a runner’s path. Their partnership impacts your running journey as much as your choice of running shoes or training plan does.

The importance of consistency in running

We’ve seen friends buzz about their new Mizuno shoes, eager for those initial runs, only to lose steam over time. It’s not just about the starting rush; it’s the steady beat of your feet on the track. Consistency doesn’t focus on speed; it’s about showing up every single time.

Attitude: The backbone of consistency

Imagine this: you’re tying the laces of your running shoes for an off-road adventure and suddenly it starts to rain. Do you wait it out or welcome the new challenge? Your response often reflects your attitude. A strong mindset doesn’t only get you over hurdles; it also inspires you to remain steady. 

Whether you’re navigating wild tracks with men's trail running shoes or women's trail running shoes, or speeding through urban landscapes, your attitude determines how far you’ll push yourself.

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Mental resilience: The core of running consistency

Reflecting on your running journey, a positive outlook is closely linked with consistent running. It’s one thing to have stamina, but without a positive spirit it’s easy to stumble. This uplifting mindset not only drives us on tough trails but makes every run a joy, even on challenging days. Often, it’s this positivity that keeps the running routine solid amidst hurdles.

Developing mental strength for demanding runs

When learning how to get better at running, mastering your stride is just the beginning. What truly fuels each step – pushing you past fatigue and elevating your love for the sport – is the strength of your mind. To excel you must nurture not only the physical but also the mental aspects of running. Here are some actionable steps to achieve that: 

  • Set realistic goals: Clear, achievable targets act like markers on your path. Reach each one to boost your confidence and propel yourself forward. Over time, these milestones remind you of your strength and perseverance.
  • Stay present in the moment: Embrace the present, feel every breath and tune into your rhythmic pace. Let it calm you. Let it be your anchor, especially during tough runs.
  • Maintain your physical and mental health: Care for yourself as you would care for your running shoes. Ensure adequate and quality sleep, eat a balanced diet and manage stress to prime your mind and body for successful runs.
  • Fuel your run with passion: Embrace the excitement of truly loving to run. Let this burning passion guide you through the highs and lows, making every run even more rewarding. Challenge yourself continually, recognising that passion deepens your dedication.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY:  At the heart of running lies an enduring spirit of mental resilience. Combining a positive outlook, effective methods and an intense love for the sport creates the rhythm for consistent running. 

Effective strategies for running consistency

The foundation of any meaningful running journey is consistency. But how do you keep the momentum going, especially when things get tough?

1. Set personalised running goals to light your way.

Adopt the SMART goals approach: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Perhaps it’s about clocking a set distance every week or gearing up for your next marathon. Regularly revisit your goals, taking time to celebrate each win and setting thrilling new targets.

2. Make running a seamless part of your daily life.

The magic happens when running becomes less of a chore and more of a routine you cherish. How about securing a dedicated slot for your daily runs, whether it’s the fresh start of the morning or a tranquil evening jog? For a refreshing twist, consider running your everyday errands or taking your furry friend along. 

3. Tackle running challenges with confidence and grit.

No runner, novice or seasoned marathoner, escapes challenges. But what if we embraced them as stepping stones? Each obstacle, from injuries to fleeting motivation, has only fortified a runner’s resilience. Get to the root of the problem to understand the underlying cause and rethink your approach. Seeking guidance from peers, mentors or coaches can also be enlightening. 

💡KEY TAKEAWAY:  To truly master running consistency, rely on goal-setting, integrate running into your daily life and view hurdles as growth opportunities.

Gear up right: The anchor of running consistency

Running is a harmony between mind and body, but the gear you select keeps you on track. Your running shoes, for instance, do more than cushion; they provide essential support, reducing injury risks. Ever felt that joy from a perfectly fitted pair? That’s efficiency in action, tailored for your unique foot structure and movement.

Choosing the correct gear, especially running shoes, is about the science of comfort, grounded in understanding individual needs.

Picking the perfect running shoes

Every runner has unique needs. Depending on your foot type, you might need more arch support or additional cushioning. Plus, your running shoe choice should match the kind of running you’re into, be it trails or roads. Discover how the right choice of Brooks shoes or ASICS shoes can transform every step here.

The landscape of running gear

It’s not just about shoes; your overall running gear matters too. Factors like season, weather and terrain influence the kind of attire and accessories you should select. Training in cold weather? Opt for warm, moisture-wicking clothes. For hotter climates, choose light and breathable gear.

Quality: The key to comfort and safety

Never cut corners on gear quality. Top-tier running gear is designed for your comfort and safety - from visibility essentials to compression tights and moisture-wicking running shorts to enhance your run.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: The right gear, especially running shoes, is vital for running consistency and safety. By considering your specific needs and environment and prioritising quality, you’re setting the stage for a better run. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, remember that the right gear can be transformative.

The magic of a running community

Being among fellow runners offers a unique energy. Group runs carry a bond of encouragement and commitment. These communities such as parkrun also become hubs for social interaction, sharing milestones and learning from collective experiences. Becoming part of a running community can offer motivation, camaraderie and wisdom, making your journey even more fulfilling.

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