The Sessions

Welcome to The Sessions, a premium self-development experience where running is the vehicle for exploration. Come along for a transformative 5 days that will challenge you physically and mentally.

Across the event, you will be guided through 5 intensive and immersive personal development workshops. These workshops will help you question those long ingrained thought processes and allow you to see things in a new and positive light.

Whether you’re trying to break out of a lull or in need of a boost to chase your goals; we’ll be working together closely to make sure you leave feeling empowered.

Bookings for the latest Session are now open


For further info, please contact us at sessions@sportitude.com.au


  • A group of motivated and like-minded people come together in an environment that will expand your mindset and limits due to the immersive nature of the experience.
  • Act as a springboard for the two, three, and six months ahead of you as you move towards bigger goals and projects of your own with a strong sense of direction and belief.
  • Create detailed goal-setting and planning for your upcoming months and the remainder of the year to help you use the The Session as a platform for success.
  • Connect you with a new group of people that will whole-heartedly support and cheer you on with all your endeavors as you move forward after the event.
  • Elevate your fitness and training to the next level.


Josh Lynott is an Australian born author, photographer, endurance athlete and mindfulness coach. As founder of The Sessions, Josh combined his love for running, mindset, and adventure into an all in one experience. He has been dedicated to finding a connection between himself and the rest of the world through his triad of photography, writing and running. His positive and adventurous spirit has led him on a global quest to discover what it means to truly connect, with the aim to impart all that is positive in his life unto the life of others.

His outgoing personality and zest for life shows in every photo he takes, run he embarks on and workshop he delivers. With the hope of impacting a world wide audience, he is driven to bring thought-provoking ideas and methodologies to you through The Sessions, his poetic writing and through the lens he photographs the world with. On top of that, as founder of What A Sesh, Josh teaches his signature Running Mindfulness Method to a global community of runners online to help them be the best humans they can be.

Josh is endlessly curious, loves to listen and strives to build community and connection wherever he goes.


Immerse yourself with the legends from the 2021 K.I. Session as they share their experience with you.


Immerse yourself with the legends from the 2021 K.I. Session as they share their experience with you.