The Hinterlands Session: Run, Reflect & Be Inspired

by Sportitude
8 Mar 2022

What Is The Sessions?

“The Sessions is an event and it’s a space which combines running and mindset. I see the two paired together so well… it gives you another perspective on life and where you’re at.” – Josh Lynott, host and founder of The Sessions

The Sessions is so much more than a running retreat. It’s a mechanism of self-exploration and self-reflection. It’s a catalyst to evolve your perceptions.

In our fast-paced lives we often forget to take a moment for ourselves. The Sessions is about you – allowing you to slow down and reflect as you’re guided through 5 immersive personal development workshops over 6 days to run, rejuvenate and connect.

These insightful workshops are curated to provide expert advice on the mental toolkit required to practice self-care – helping you build the foundations for a healthy mind to elevate every aspect of your day-to-day life.

In The Sessions, we explore the power of running to nurture your mental health – with the ability to find clarity and shape a positive mindset, challenge expectations and discover the finish line is only the beginning to what you can accomplish.

Set upon the awe-inspiring backdrop of the mountain ranges of Northern New South Wales at Altitude 261, The Hinterlands Session in mid-2022 allows you to let go of what’s holding you back. Re-discover yourself and be inspired as you soak in a stunning natural environment and run the trails it has to offer.

We put a spotlight on the Kangaroo Island Sessions 2021– the feeling, the experience, the outcomes - to give you a sneak peek of what’s on offer and the journey you can be a part of at The Hinterlands Session for 2022.

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Self-care begins with the first step

“The word that comes to mind is that it’s powerful when I see people pushing their boundaries or doing something they haven’t even done before or done in a while.” – Josh Lynott, host and founder of The Sessions.

It’s easy to fall into a routine – to wake up day in and day out and forget to do those little things that spark joy. The Sessions ignites your motivation and provides the foundations to be empowered in every stride – no matter how fast or far you run.

The way we run can mirror the way we want to live – always pushing a little further, challenging ourselves and never settling for anything other than extraordinary - yet taking the pressure off in the moment. It can be just as important to nurture your gratitude for the little things as it is to see the bigger picture.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Connect to runners from all corners of Australia

“It facilitates a space that brings people from all over the world or all over Australia together and the connection allows us all to open up.” – Josh Lynott, host and founder of The Sessions

The first step is often the hardest – but you’re not alone. The Sessions allows you to share experiences, build friendships and form a support network with like-minded runners, brought together to learn and laugh under one roof.

The Sessions is targeted at the individual yet allows you to draw out the best of yourself within a welcoming community that cherishes diversity.

You’ll develop unforgettable bonds in this safe space that encourages connection and celebrates both your similarities and differences. No matter your experience or ability – your shared goal to live better and shared passion for running is a common thread that will be respected and nurtured in this transformative environment.

Fresh environment, life-changing perspective

“What assumptions I did have, it blew them out of the water. It was amazing to see different sceneries and run through somewhere fresh.” – Zen, Adelaide, K.I Sessions

The location of every Session has been carefully selected to inspire and rejuvenate your body and mind. The Hinterlands Session 2022 is no different – in fact, it’s gearing up to be the best The Sessions yet.

Disconnect from the outside world, reconnect to yourself. Surrounded by national parkland, Altitude 261 is your getaway from it all. Time stops in this serene mountain setting that leaves the relentless hustle and bustle of urban and city life far behind. It’s the perfect backdrop to immerse yourself in this restorative journey of personal reflection, to meditate, be mindful and find yourself.

The natural environment allows you to truly embrace your senses – the sights, scents and sounds - providing therapeutic benefits from the outside in. Take a deep breath of fresh air and soak in the tranquillity of a new and enlightening perspective.

Running is so much more than physical fitness

“It’s really opened my eyes to all the ways people use running. I think combining that with the emotional and mental side of it has definitely created the outcomes it has.” - Louise, Kangaroo Island, K.I Sessions

There is extraordinary power in movement – from giving you more energy to make the most of each day, to releasing feel-good endorphins in the moment to support your mental health.

Running is life-changing. It brings people together, offers an outlet for emotional burdens like stress, provides mental clarity, allows you to discover your inner strength and solidifies your sense of identity.

It feels good to move and we know looking back you’ll love every stride – and cherish the challenge. 

Challenge your body, mind and what it is to be you

“Running brings your walls down and going into the workshops allows you to explore and reflect about yourself in a way you probably wouldn’t do at home or in your day-to-day life.” – Josh Lynott, host and founder of The Sessions

The Sessions tear down the boundaries we create for ourselves. In our everyday lives, the default often is “I can’t” – “I’m not fast, strong, skilled or motivated enough”. Without guidance, it can be hard to see your potential and break away from these false limitations.

Self-belief is key to success. The Sessions provide the foundations to strengthen your self-belief – to know your worth is immeasurable. Building your self-belief can take practice and persistence – and it’s your attitude that can make the biggest difference. The Sessions gives you the tools you need to shine a new and positive light on how you perceive yourself, your life and the world around you.

Learn to live well

“Running, like The Sessions inside, is another mechanism of creating space. But instead of being asked to break things down and analyse them, you can consolidate what you have learned in The Sessions by having the time to think about them… It’s like a snowball effect.” – Katie, Adelaide, K.I Sessions

Running and reflection are the vessels for gratitude and change. If you want to spark change in your life, re-discover your core goals and be more confident in your own skin then The Sessions is for you.

With time on the trail to soak in what you’ve learned in the self-development workshops, you’ll gain the momentum you need to make the changes you wish to see in your life. With workshop themes including consistency, accountability, prioritisation, developing positive habits and setting goals, The Sessions is all about living your best life.

Embrace the moment

“I have loved that whether it’s on a run or in The Sessions… everybody is there with you in the moment and that’s all there is at that time.” – Laura, Queensland, K.I Sessions

In our day-to-day lives, it’s common to worry about the past, toss and turn about the future and forget to appreciate and live in the now.

With The Sessions now is the time to put your mental and physical health first, to develop self-care skills that will last a lifetime, to create bonds and shared experiences, and to discover an awareness of self that will guide you at every stage of your journey. 

Give yourself the time to reflect

“It’s exhausting but amazing. You don’t often take the time to stop and just reflect on where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going in a safe space with such amazing people.” – Shani, Queensland, K.I Sessions

We don’t often appreciate the gift of time. The Sessions gives you the opportunity to dedicate time purely towards your self-development – free of social and work commitments that can occupy your thoughts in day-to-day life.

From unwinding with journaling to appreciate the day's best moments, to rejuvenating with yoga sessions led by a qualified instructor - this is a place of reflection and mindful meditation.

It is within this supportive network of fellow runners and goal-setters that you're encouraged to check-in with yourself, be proud of your achievements, visualise your goals and be inspired beyond fear and doubt.

Achieve your goals

“I hope it provides a launch pad for the next three months, six months or a year. I want it to be a catalyst for anything – whether it’s chasing after a feeling or goal” – Josh Lynott, host and founder of The Sessions

The Sessions is empowering – allowing you to find clarity that you can draw upon tomorrow, next month, next year and wherever your life journey takes you to help you cement your goals for the future.

About Your Host

“It has been fantastic working with Josh because he has opened his arms wide to every single participant and has supported each of us on our personal journeys.” – Meagan, Adelaide, K.I Sessions

None of this would be possible without The Sessions host and founder – ultra-marathoner, photographer, author and mindfulness coach, Josh Lynott.

Josh is an adventure seeker and a keen listener with a creative spirit. He is driven by his optimism and enthusiasm to connect. He teaches his Running Mindfulness Method online – inspiring runners in all corners of the globe to run for not only fitness but to find peace and embrace possibility.

Josh is passionate about nurturing positivity in his own life and in the life of everyone he encounters. Positivity is contagious – and with his seize-the-day attitude, thought-provoking ideas and approachable nature – we believe there is no one better to guide you on your journey.

Who Is The Sessions For?

The Sessions is for you.

It’s for the university student looking for that one-of-a-kind experience as they find their path. It’s for the full-time parent seeking to reconnect with themselves body and mind. It’s for the everyday athlete enthusiastic to re-ignite their motivation.

It’s for anyone that wants to wake up to possibility.

As Josh explains;

“This week is about mindset. It’s about building your support network, smashing your negativity, taking risks and slowing down. I’m beyond excited to see where this week takes us. Let’s do it.”

Give yourself permission to experience more. BOOK NOW.

The Hinterlands Session

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