SMART Snake Bandage

  • SMART Snake Bandage
  • SMART Snake Bandage


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Brand: Survival Emergency Solutions
Product Code: 9333096100172

Don’t adventure off-road unprepared – the SMART snake bandage is the essential emergency tool for trail runners, hikers, campers and adventure seekers to manage snake and Funnel-web spider bites. Living in Australia, it’s also a key part of your home first aid kit.

As these bites are potentially life-threatening, travelling unprepared is not worth the risk.

Stay calm when an emergency strikes. This pressure immobilisation bandage features a pictogram that morphs from a rectangle to a square to indicate proper tension when applying to the limb.

- Innovative pressure immobilisation bandage for treatment of snake and Funnel-web spider bites
- Pictogram serves as a tension indicator – turns from rectangle to square when correct tension is achieved
- Engineered with the collaboration of first aid experts and snake safety experts
- Designed in Australia (home of many of the world’s most deadliest snakes and spiders)
- Can be used as a compression bandage for other injury (strains, sprains and major wounds)
- Durable construction made from a woven cotton blend
- Non-fraying edges
- Leading design and essential first aid tool for an outdoor lifestyle
- Washable

Dimensions: 2m x 10cm

Weight: 50g (approx.)

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SMART Snake Bandage
SMART Snake Bandage