PTP PowerTube Pro Resistance System


The PowerTube Pro resistance system is ideal for raising the bar of your workouts as your fitness progresses with multiple resistance options to tone, sculpt and strengthen your body.

It’s a fantastic option whether you’re kick-starting your home gym or are a pro athlete that never quits on fitness – even when stuck indoors.

It’s easy to set up and use – simply hook to your door at your preferred height and select from your choice of 50 gym exercises for improved power, flexibility or to aid in rehabilitation.

Gentle on your joints and fun to use, the PTP resistance system is a winner in your home gym for everything from fat-shredding workouts and muscle strengthening to boosting your flexibility and mobility.

- Versatile resistance training tool for recreational to professional athletes
- Full-body conditioning for a complete and effective workout
- Fantastic for muscle building and toning, fat-burning, stretching, flexibility and mobility exercises
- Use as part of your rehabilitation workouts to improve joint function
- Strengthens your legs, glutes, core, back, chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps
- Conveniently anchors to your door to transform your home into your personal gym
- 50 gym exercises to choose from to keep your routine fresh and invigorating
- Lightweight and compact system – leaves space to fill your home gym with other fitness equipment and goodies
- ICT (Inner Cord Technology) ensures the tubes do not stretch beyond their limits
- Ultra-durable and consistent performance with layered latex tubing
- Progressive resistance is gentle on your joints as you increase your fitness and workout intensity
- Multi Clip System to adjust the tension with ease (7 combinations: 5.5kg - 25.4kg)
- 3 different resistance levels: 5.5kg (Lime), 7.5kg (Green) and 12.4kg (Orange)
- Includes poster demonstrating more than 50 compatible gym exercises and free access to online video for fitness guidance


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PTP PowerTube Pro Resistance System