LP X-Tremus Ankle Support

  • LP X-Tremus Ankle Support - Black
  • LP X-Tremus Ankle Support - Black
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Brand: LP Support
Product Code: 110XT-BK

LP’s X-Tremus range was developed by sports medicine specialists to provide comprehensive protection for all level of athletes providing support and protection from sports injuries.

Using cutting edge 3-D technology, the 3-Dimension knitting mode combined with the 3-Density knitting levels will not only provide you with appropriate support and protection, it will also enhance your athletic performance and joint stability thanks to their unique M.S.D innovation.

The X-Tremus Ankle Support is the ultimate in support technology with it’s unique Plantar Magic Power Band system which preserves energy consumption when the ankle is dorsi-flexed, and enhances explosive motion while plantar-flexing.

The Double-Eight Stable Contoured Structure provides maximum stability to help prevent ankle strain.

The support also comprises of a durable fitting knit with high permeability fabric which ensures wearing durability and breathability.

The J-shaped silicone pad around heel the cord gives gentle massages to reduce ankle pain and swelling.

This product can be used in instances such as:

- Ankle sprain
- Instability

Wearing Instructions:
Hold the opening of the ankle brace with two gray stripes, pull the brace up to the ankle, be sure the two gray lines are positioned at the ankle bend, and the silicone pads are on each side of the ankle joint.

- 65% Nylon
- 15% Spandex
- 10% Silicone
- 5% Cotton
- 5% TPU

Caution: Do not wear LP Supports if warming or heat generating liniments or ointments have been applied. If skin sensitivity or irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your physician.

Washing Instructions:
- Hand wash in cold water with mild soap.
- Rinse thoroughly.
- Air dry at room temperature.
- Do not machine wash and dry.


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LP X-Tremus Ankle Support - Black
LP X-Tremus Ankle Support