Compressport Mens Trail Running Tank Top V2

  • Compressport Mens Trail Running Tank Top V2
  • Compressport Mens Trail Running Tank Top V2



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Brand: Compressport
Product Code: TSTRV2-TK99

The Compressport men’s trail running tank top V2 is your secret weapon for leaving the concrete jungle in the dust and taking your fitness to the real wild.

This technical tank provides protection against the elements - a must-have for adventuring in the great outdoors.

Accelerate the intensity of your workout with on/off interactive fibre for intelligent ventilation.

You get core support for conquering downhill descents and the sleeve free design lets you move with freedom.

The six pockets are ergonomically positioned to prevent the need to shift or twist to gain access to your mobile, gels and nutrition on the move.

- Quality fibres and technologies ideal for extreme trail running
- Ergonomic support and postural 3D to keep your body straight and in correct alignment
- Seamless construction
- Improves oxygenation during activity with on/off ventilation fibre
- Stay organised with 6 pockets engineered for easy access to your liquids, mobile, tablets or nutrition
- Special weave promotes air circulation for improved temperature regulation
- Water-repellent design and superior sweat management, keeping you cool and fresh
- Anti-odour and anti-bacterial
- Ergonomic cut with longer coverage at the back and silicone interior for extra protection when biking
- Silicone interior provides shock absorption and keeps muscles energised with micro-massages
- Ergonomic design for postural alignment to improve your breathing for better oxygenation

Hydro-phobic: Water-repellent fibre draws perspiration away from your skin for efficient evaporation without absorption - even under extremely intense or hot conditions. Sweat it up without the worry of moisture-drenched clothing irritating your skin and weighing you down.

Massaging-fibre: Patented fibre stimulates micro-massage throughout your activity to create a feeling of lightness with positive effects on your body.

On-off: A cutting-edge technology by Compressport, the on-off interactive fibre adapts levels of ventilation to meet the demands of your workout as it intensifies. It breathes with you for efficient cooling and enhanced comfort.

Posture-alignment: Light compression zone integrated into garment to guarantee optimal body alignment throughout prolonged workouts. This improves your breathing for increased oxygenation during and following explosive activity for maximum recovery benefits.

Seamless: Microfibre is ultra-soft against your skin, delivers superior comfort and is 100% seamless.

Shock-absorbing micro: Unique silicone maximises comfort and energises muscles with micro-muscular massage.

Shock-absorber: Muscles, veins and joints are protected from “shock wave” impacts with 360 degree compression for effective dampening.

Silicon-band: Silcon-band prevents top from shifting out of place whether you're climbing or descending.

Spin-control: Promotes and maintains optimal posture alignment during activity.

Thermo-regulation: Microcirculation is activated on the outer layer of your skin with ERAMICS “mirror effect”, improving thermoregulation for maximum benefits.

Ventilation zone: Strategic placement of mesh removes moisture and heat to keep you dry no matter the intensity of your workout or the outside temperature.

Zip protection: Increased breathability during high activity and ensures no restrictions in movement. Autoblocking system secures zip in place and keeps chafing to a minimum.

Ultra-light: Feather-light fibres won’t retain water - perfect for training in all conditions

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Compressport Mens Trail Running Tank Top V2
Compressport Mens Trail Running Tank Top V2