CEP Outdoor Merino Mid Cut Socks - Black

  • CEP Outdoor Merino Mid Cut Socks - Black
  • CEP Outdoor Merino Mid Cut Socks - Black



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Brand: CEP Compression
Product Code: CEPOMR | MPN: WP4CT4

The CEP Outdoor Merino mid cut socks are amazing for gliding over all terrain types with improved coordination and skillful footwork.

They offer a superior blend of special technical fibres and luxurious Merino Wool. Ideal for heat and moisture management, these are guaranteed to be your premium go-to socks for adventuring outdoors – everything from hiking mountains to running over tricky natural terrain.

Your favourite new socks are loaded with the technology you love from the Compression Run socks 2.0. Look forward to excellent blister protection (because nobody wants sore feet when they’re in the zone!) and functional padding of the heel, arch and toe for enduring comfort.

Intensify your experience pounding on wild terrain with the full compression effect for heightened endurance and accuracy.

Wearing these socks ensures optimal blood flow, minimised muscle soreness, improved oxygenation and quicker recovery.

They fit perfectly in snug hiking and running shoes for reduced chafing, reliable joint stabilisation and a supportive ride.

Quality Attributes:
- German made (Medi Compression)
- Improved blood flow from optimal compression profile
- Anatomical fit, specific to your left and right foot
- Premium materials and expert craftsmanship for holding up well to your training sessions
- Enhanced comfort from micro-fibre technology
- Extra-flat toe seam

Functional Attributes:
- Recover faster and perform at your peak
- Minimises injury risk to muscles and joints by providing superior stability
- Heat and moisture management (Hydrophilic Design)
- Ventilated comfort from open-pore mesh structure in the calf
- Odour-reducing and anti-bacterial characteristics for tough workouts
- Move blister free and in comfort with padded heel, arch and toe zones

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CEP Outdoor Merino Mid Cut Socks - Black
CEP Outdoor Merino Mid Cut Socks - Black