Got A Weight Loss Resolution? Our 8 Tips Will Keep You On Track

by Sportitude
2 Jan 2018

Have you ever done a crazy dance to wiggle into your pants, but that top button just doesn’t want to budge? Unfortunately, even in 2018 pants dancing hasn’t become recognised as an official sport. 

But don’t stress, with the festive season done and dusted it’s the perfect time to create a weight loss resolution and focus on your health.

It’s Not About Dieting, It’s About Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The D word can be a real mood killer, conjuring up negative connotations and the idea that food is your enemy. Often the term 'diet' indicates a temporary measure to quickly cut calories and lose weight and in the long term may not be realistic, healthy or sustainable.

A positive mindset will help you achieve your weight loss goals so don’t think of your weight loss journey as dieting, think of it as making healthy lifestyle choices now and for the future.

Avoid 'Sexy' Fad Diets

It’s almost like fad diets grow on trees, especially this time of year! Whether it’s a detox diet like a one month juice cleanse, cutting out carbs completely or even celebrity cookie diets, these attempts to sexy up the word diet do not train you to eat healthy for the long term and may deprive you of adequate nutrition, leaving you mentally unfocused.

A balanced diet is key to nourishing your body fully, so cutting out entire food groups is never a good plan, and why would you want to? Variety is the spice of life.

Don't Skip Brekkie

Trust us on this one. You may think you're cutting out more calories, but a wholesome breakfast will reduce your urge to dig through the snack drawer throughout the day and keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

Think along the lines of fresh fruit with low-fat Greek yoghurt and oats, or scrambled eggs with steamed spinach, and smashed avocado on wholegrain toast.

Workout Your Willpower, Keep Your Inner Mogwai In Check

Cravings are like a cheeky Mogwai on your shoulder, giving you the nudge to surrender to your temptations, whereas willpower, if you allow it to become stronger by working it out like a muscle, can help keep your inner Mogwai in check.

Find strength knowing that in time if you stick to making healthier choices, it becomes easier and feels natural even without conscious effort. With persistence, healthy eating will become your norm, not the exception.  

Never Say Never

Don’t limit yourself by saying "I’ll never eat *insert favourite naughty food here* again!". Living healthy shouldn’t put a stop to living and enjoying a small, occasional indulgence as part of a balanced diet. It won’t result in your hard efforts coming undone. 

In fact, it may help maintain your positive mindset, keep you mentally satisfied and help you resist the urge to binge.

Catch 7-9 Hours Of Zzz

It can be tricky to fit in a full sleep sesh (7-9 hours is ideal for most adults) in a busy lifestyle, but catching quality zzz has numerous benefits to your health. It provides energy to fuel your fitness sessions, wards of mental fatigue and helps you combat your cravings so you’re less likely to overeat.

Weight Loss Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Make health your overall goal and weight loss a tool to help achieve that. Creating healthy eating and exercising habits takes time - so don’t stress or lose self-confidence if you don’t get immediate results, or if you have hiccups on your weight loss journey.

Positive thinking and being kind to yourself is essential for weight loss. Avoid the negativity spiral by focusing on your achievements and surround yourself with your own personal cheer squad - a supportive network of family, friends or an online community.

What Motivates You?

To stay motivated, it can help to create an emotional connection to your goal. Ask yourself "Why do I want to lose weight?" or even better, "Why do I want to be healthy?".

Perhaps you want to keep up with your little one and be a good role model. Maybe you love travelling and want to be fitter so you can trek to Machu Picchu or explore *insert awesome place here*.

Whatever your main motivation, be sure to spend some time every day (maybe while having your morning shower) to focus on it and keep it front of mind as to WHY you need to achieve your goal.