5 Women's Swimwear Secrets For An Active Summer

by Sportitude
2 Nov 2018

The countdown to summer is on.

If you’re more likely to be found active doing water sports than reclining in a beach chair or floating away on an inflatable flamingo, you’re going to need women's swimwear that can live up to your energetic lifestyle.

Here's our top 5 active swimwear tips for women and a bonus one for the kids.

The one piece is here to stay

…and for good reason. Ideal for pool training, competitive swimming and pretty much any watersport, a one piece offers a streamlined fit for reduced drag.

Although they come in varying degrees of coverage, performance styles will provide adequate support for your girls and most importantly, stay put!

Those with a back cut-out ensure greater flexibility in the water and racerback or criss-cross back designs not only offer no-slip straps but increase your freedom of motion.

Watch out!

Itty-bitty bikinis are designed first and foremost for style - perfect for your slouchy beach sessions but a real bummer if you're trying to stay active.

They're high risk swimwear when it comes to riding up, sliding off and causing boob blunders. Yikes!

Out of the water

For activities that don’t involve time submerged in the water like stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, beach volleyball and beach runs, a swimsuit doesn’t have to be your go-to.

Say hello to your new BFF, the sports bra – offering support, bounce reduction and freedom of motion without your girls trying to make an escape for it like they would in a bikini top.

Moisture wicking and quick-drying, sports bras are able to tackle warmer conditions and can handle a light splash without keeping you drenched for hours.

Pool sessions? Choose chlorine-resistant fabric

As super comfy as your workout get-up is, resist the temptation to wear it in the pool. Chlorine prevents swimming pools from turning into a party for bacteria, but it’s damaging to most materials.

Leading swimwear brands have you covered with chlorine-resistant fabrics that increase the lifespan of your cossie in the pool, preventing stretching and colour fade.

Layer up

Layer a rash vest or swimming tee over the top of your swimwear or sports bra for additional coverage and sun protection. However, be wary of wearing rash vests solo – they can be clingy when wet and don’t leave much to the imagination, oops.

Be sure to apply sunscreen to your midriff and any exposed skin – the last thing you want after your swim sesh is a burnt tum or flaky crocodile skin!

Just For Kids

For tiny tots, fun colours, prints and frills can put them on track to love their time in the water as they learn about swim safety in their favourite kids' swimwear.

For older kids, close-fitting swimwear is beneficial in competition, practice and swimming lessons as they work on their propulsion skills and coordination in the water. Opt for streamlined swimwear (one piece for girls and briefs or jammers for boys) as loose fabric can interfere with their movement.

Rash vests or sun tops are suitable for all ages in and out of the water, providing a physical barrier against UV rays and comfort for sensitive skin. Half-zip styles offer easy on and off for wriggly kids.

Happy swimming!