5 Ways To Stop Sweat From Ruining Your Summer Runs

by Sportitude
1 Dec 2017

It's no secret that the weather is heating up and as summer approaches it's important to reassess your running wardrobe to keep perspiration under wraps.

Don't sweat it. These 5 essentials will help keep sweat from irritating you so you can keep focussed under the scorching sun.


A cap or running visor is a no-brainer for running under Australia's harsh sun. However, Halo have taken headwear to the next level with their range of sweat-blocking running caps, visors and headbands.

The in-built SweatBlock Seal moves head sweat back and away from your face so that it doesn't roll down your face and get into your eyes. The fabrics used are also designed to wick sweat away from you to the surface of the material for faster evaporation.

Sports Bras

Ladies, peeling off a hot, sticky bra after a sweat sesh is not our idea of a good time.

You need a sports bra that's breathable and made with mesh-like moisture-wicking fabric, allowing you to move freely without chafing.

Alongside sweat management, beating the bounce is essential to moving in comfort in all conditions, and to protect your breasts from damage during high impact activities. A supportive sports bra is a must.

Technical Tanks and T-Shirts

If you've ever thrown on a cotton top to find sweat patches on your underarms in just minutes, we've totally been there!

Choose women's running tops and men's running tops made from synthetic, mesh-like technical fabrics such as polyester or fabric blends over cotton for warm weather running. Merino wool is an eco-friendly option that's surprisingly effective for cooling, odour control and sweat management.

For the recreational road warrior, a breathable lightweight tank or loose short sleeve tee will do the trick. If you've got your eyes set on winning your next marathon, seek out technical fabrics with compression benefits and moisture wicking technologies.

Loose Shorts Versus Compression Tights

Love a running short? Or are compression tights your go-to?

For summer, lightweight and loose fitting shorts tend to win this race for sweat management. With your legs exposed there is less fabric to trap in the heat, so you can keep as cool as possible when the temperature climbs.

However, loose shorts may ride up and chafe. The second-skin fit of compression shorts and tights may be the solution. The built-in sweat-wicking and cooling technologies in the fabrics promote optimal body temperature while you benefit from the positive effects of compression for improved blood circulation to your muscles.


Technical running socks are one of the most critical pieces of apparel overlooked by runners, but they make all the difference to keeping your hard-working feet in fresh and healthy conditions.

A good sock is one that you will forget, that allows you to run naturally and free of distractions. 

For summer, ultra-thin designs, breathable mesh and moisture wicking materials are ideal to keep your run cool, because nobody likes a sweaty sock killing their runner's high.

For more sock tips, check out Josh's Running Sock Review.

Happy running!