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5 Fundamentals For Getting Into Running

by Sportitude
7 May 2020

“Everyone is coming from different running backgrounds, everyone wants something different out of their run.”

Catherine Clohesy, leader of The Run Club Adelaide shares her insight on how to get into running – regardless of whether you’re a new runner or returning to the sport after injury, life commitments or a workout slump.

From running for fun and fitness to taking your first steps towards working your way up to running longer distances, you can apply these 5 practical tips to kick-off your motivation and stay on track of your running goals.

Catch Catherine's running tips and our summary below.

1. Take out everything that makes it scary/overwhelming

Getting into running can be intimidating. Like a new hobby, it can be frustrating if you don't get it 'right' the first time. You may even compare yourself to road warriors that are up and running by 5am and think, I could never do that.

The secret is that you don’t have to. It is never a matter of being a runner or not. You don’t have to follow an inflexible, militant routine. It's about approaching running in a way that fits you and your lifestyle.

Trial ways to make running work for you. Break down any barriers holding you back and celebrate every run. Day or night, road or trail running - running shouldn’t feel forced or overwhelming, it should empower and rejuvenate you.

2. Grab a run buddy

Social running can spark your enthusiasm for putting foot to pavement, keeping you connected and less likely to skip a running session on those days when you’re simply not feeling it.

A running buddy can motivate you to push for more pace and distance, and provide on-the-run companionship to give you that extra nudge to lace up. Remember to run safe by practicing social distancing or by connecting with fellow runners via an online fitness community.

3. Just get out there, don’t overthink it

As a runner, you may put unnecessary pressure on yourself to meet specific performance goals and this can be daunting at any experience level or ability. Although setting goals can keep you motivated and on track, pressure can set you back and cause hesitation in lacing up.

Particularly if you’re a new runner, take it at your own pace and remember running is fun.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t overcomplicate it. Just run.

4. Don’t look at your watch or phone

Disconnecting with your devices for a distraction-free run gives you breathing space to soak in the feel-good vibes of the outdoors. Running can act as your personal ‘bubble’ away from life stresses, to reconnect with yourself and with nature. 

You don’t have to track your running stats every time you put foot to pavement. An easy ‘fun’ run can be just as rewarding in its meditative benefits, giving you a dedicated period to think or unwind without racing the clock.

5. Build up slowly over time, listen to your body

Don’t get knotted up about not running as far or as fast as you’d like. As with any training, it’s important to build up frequency, duration and intensity gradually to allow your body to adapt without injury.

Listen to your body and take walking breaks to breathe easier on your runs. As your body adapts, you’ll find your performance naturally improving without pressure and gain confidence in your running ability.

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Happy running!