Tone Your Bum While Sitting At Work- No Joke

by Sportitude
19 May 2016

The stationary butt clench, ladies, and gentlemen, is not a myth. Getting in some butt exercises while you work is possible.  

Butt-clenching involves the action of tightening then releasing the glutes and while it won’t give you the shape and firmness that comes with regular lunges and squats, it will help strengthen your glutes which will help maximize those lunges once you get to them.  

How to exercise while sitting  

The action of butt clenching is essentially very small (you don’t want to freak out your work colleagues after all). While sitting in your seat, tense and squeeze the gluteal muscles only ever so slightly raising yourself from the seat while still remaining seated. Try not to tense your thigh muscles as you do this, ensuring you keep your legs relaxed as you do this. Hold each clench for around 5 seconds and repeat around 30 times.   

Don’t forget to get up and walk around for 2-5 minutes for every hour you sit at work.