Nick Cheadle Wants To Help You Achieve Monster Quads

by Sportitude
8 Mar 2017

You have heard of leg day but the question remains, are you doing it right? If you are constantly being mistaken for an inverted triangle, chances are you could use a helping hand, especially if monster quads are your goal. We know it's not as easy as doing a few extra reps and adding numbers to those weights so we turned to personal trainer Nick Cheadle to talk us through 5 tips for building Instagram-worthy quads. I mean he would know. Nick's own quads have gained him a Instagram following of over 500,000 devoted fans. Just our man to add some air to the tire and amp up those quad workouts.  

1. Squat and I mean squat. 

Squats are a compound movement that target a large amount of muscles in the body (not just your legs!) that also allow you to lift a lot of weight & hence a lot of cumulative volume over time. The more volume you get through, the stronger & bigger you’ll get (provided your nutrition supports that!).

2. Do walking lunges. 

Walking Lunges are another compound movement which targets the majority of the lower body which also places a large amount of stress on the aerobic energy system. 

3. Do more leg days. 

Do frequent leg days. This means a minimum of two leg days a week but the more the better. There are plenty of studies out there to support the fact that more frequent training sessions, targeting specific areas, result in greater strength and hypertrophy gains. This is also required for more optimal muscle protein synthesis. 

4. Don't forget calorie-surplus 

If you want to grow, then you need to eat enough calories and protein to support that. If you aren’t gaining weight slowly, it’s unlikely you’ll be building any muscle, so make sure you’re eating enough calories to fuel your workouts & gain a little bit of weight each week. 

5. Don't become complacent. 

Consistent, progressive overload is the key to forcing muscles to grow. Aside from ensuring you’re eating enough, it is importnat to make sure that you’re constantly making your muscles work harder and harder. Increasing total training volume (sets x reps x weight lifted) is imperative for growth, hypertrophy & strength progression.